Glossary of Terms Used on this Website

  • Directive: A directive is a generic term for all formal guidance, instructions, or orders issued by an organization. Within the DHS Directives Information System, there are three types of directives: policy directives and manual directives.

  • Policy Directive: A policy directive establishes measurable outcomes of the broadly stated initiatives of the Department, establishes responsibility for the implementation of the policy, and establishes a plan for evaluation of the outcome.

  • Manual Directive: A manual directive is a compilation of directives related to a narrowly defined topic, activity, or program area that implements a policy directive.

  • Directives Information System: A directives information system provides for:
    a) centralized control of directives,
    b) codification of directives,
    c) a standard format for directives, and
    d) the medium for distribution.

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