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Department: Division of Aging Services

 4005743Division of Aging ServicesLong Term Care OmbudsmenPOL5100 - Long Term Care Ombudsmen04/08/2021
 4005753Division of Aging ServicesHome and Community Based ServicesPOL5300 - Home and Community Based Services05/07/2021

Department: Division of Family and Children Services

 4005890Division of Family and Children ServicesClaimsPOL3450 - Claims12/31/2021
 3006582Division of Family and Children ServicesFood Stamps (SNAP)POL3420 - Food Stamps 11/17/2021

Department: Office of Facilities and Support Services

 4005863Office of Facilities and Support ServicesReal Property ManagementPOL1470 - Real Property Management10/27/2021
 4005864Office of Facilities and Support ServicesSelection of Design, Engineering and Survey ProfessionalsPOL1480 - Selection of Design10/27/2021
 4005861Office of Facilities and Support ServicesRisk ManagementPOL1430 - Risk Management10/27/2021
 4005860Office of Facilities and Support ServicesRecords ManagementPOL1410 - Records Management10/27/2021
 4005859Office of Facilities and Support ServicesSupport ServicesPOL1400 - Support Services10/27/2021
 4005701Office of Facilities and Support ServicesTransportationPOL1425 - Transportation Services01/06/2022
 4005700Office of Facilities and Support ServicesSpace Management and LeasingPOL1450 - Space Management & Leasing03/18/2021
 4005699Office of Facilities and Support ServicesPersonal Property ManagementPOL1460 - Personal Property Management03/18/2021

Department: Office of General Counsel

 4005513Office of General CounselMaintaining Compliance with Georgia Open Records ActPOL1200 - Maintaining Compliance with Georgia Open Records Act04/14/2020
 4005670Office of General CounselLanguage Access to LEP/SI CustomersPOL1702 - Bilingual/Multilingual TSS Testing11/30/2020

Department: Office of Financial Services

 4005838Office of Financial ServicesAccounts Payable PaymentsPOL1208 - Accounts Payable Payments09/15/2021
 4005837Office of Financial ServicesPayment of Fees for Organizational Membership or AccreditationPOL1222 - Professional Organization Memberships or Accreditations Fees09/15/2021
 4005833Office of Financial ServicesDHS Travel PolicyPOL1215 - Travel Policy09/07/2021
 4005832Office of Financial ServicesUniform Accounting SystemPOL1200 - Uniform Accounting System09/07/2021
 4005830Office of Financial ServicesVendor Code RequestsPOL1223 - Vendor Code Requests09/02/2021
 4005752Office of Financial ServicesGarnishmentsPOL1225 - Garnishments05/07/2021
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